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Did you know?

91% of people living satisfied sexual lives report experiencing greater happiness. Sex plays a significant role in almost all of our lives, but unfortunately a lot of women continue to experience feelings of shame and judgement when it comes to talking about or engaging in sexual activities. Did you know that 1/10 women still feel ashamed about self-pleasure? We want to contribute to a more open and positive dialogue about sex and self pleasure, and all its stigma and taboos.

Discreet packaging

We believe in prioritising sexual wellness, but understand for some it can be a big step! We made sure that our shipment packaging does not include any hints on what inside.

Meet Peech

PEECH believes that exploring one's sexuality should not be a source of embarrassment or taboo. The brand provides a safe and comfortable environment for customers to learn more about sexual wellness and discover new ways to explore their sexuality.

The products and resources offered by PEECH are designed to empower individuals to confidently embrace their sexuality and explore new possibilities. PEECH is committed to promoting a positive and healthy relationship with sexuality, and their mission is to help people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.