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The 'Comme Deux' Box

The 'Comme Deux' Box

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We are so excited to introduce this new Limited Edition Box. It’s made together with our amazing sister brand: Comme Deux! All their products are co-created with their community, vegan and perfume-free.
We have dedicated this sister collab to celebrate all sisters – the ones we got by birth and the ones we’ve chosen ourselves.

Produkty w pudełku

Discoskin Face Mask 50 ml
Many have described this holographic face mask as: "If Friday night was a mask". "Aha" you might say - and you are absolutely right. AHA (mandelic acid) is one of the heroic ingredients in this mildly exfoliating mask, which will deep cleanse your skin and give it a much more natural glow. Just wear the mask for 10 minutes and voila!

Takeoff cleansingbalm 15 ml
Are you ready for takeoff? You have to pat well when this cleansing balm lands on your skin. The soft balm melts into a cleansing oil when applied to dry skin. Massage it gently on the skin for 20 seconds and add a little water so that the balm foams up easily. Now you are ready to wash Takeoff off. The result? You have cleansed makeup, sweat, dirt, SPF and other impurities without removing your skin's natural oils. Now your skin is ready for you to continue your normal skin care routine.

Glowup Bronzer 12 g
Glowup is a wonderful bronzer that gives a little extra color and natural glow to the cheeks. The color is a "one-color-fit-all", and we guarantee that all skin tones can use it. The powder comes with an extra large mirror as it was requested by the Comme Deux users. As we said, Comme Deux really listens to their users.

Yellowdrops Serum 15 ml
Welcome to the serum-heaven. Here you will find Yellowdrops, which recharge your skin with life and glow. A nice little bottle that contains both hydrating hyaluronic acid and extract from white peony and porcelain flower, which gives the skin a wonderful glow boost. This serum has a few tricks up its sleeve. Or closer to three tricks, as it can be used in three different ways. Add a single drop on dry spots, 3-4 drops directly on the entire skin or boost with 2-3 drops in your face cream. That's pretty cool, isn 't it?

Whip Day Cream 20 ml
This super soft day cream has borrowed its super powers from the cotton plant. Cotton is known to be natural, breathable and comfortable on the skin. Why not include these aspects in your skin care? Whip contains 3 active ingredients from the cotton plant, and your skin becomes soft as a cotton ball. As if that were not enough, Whip also contains true skin heroes like glycerin, shea butter and sweet almond oil. Together, they ensure that your skin is hydrated and hydrated, and you get the softest and most delicious result. Whip can be used by all skin types.

Liplove Lip Oil - red 8 ml
Liplove is pure love for your lips! A vitamin boost of a lip oil, which provides shine and intense care. Contains nourishing extract from the cactus fruit prickly pear as well as squalane oil, which nourishes and protects your lips. Use it as a lip gloss or over a lipstick to add shine, or in the evening as a nourishing lip mask.

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