Cleo Noir

Cleo Noir offers an exclusive collection of high-performance cosmetics that were created to help you start your day with jaw-dropping confidence and a bold sense of pride.  

Founded by beauty industry trailblazers, Cleo Noir fiercely promotes expression over status, setting a stage where your outer beauty becomes a glowing reflection of your inner beauty.  They draw endless inspiration from the past and are redefining it to fit today’s fast paced, espresso to-go world. 

In addition to giving you products that offer creative freedom, they are on a mission to expose the industry.  Their founders have been around the beauty block a time or two and are ready to shed new light on production and cost. You don’t have to break the bank for premium and professional quality products. That’s the simple truth. While they live in an age of radical transparency, there are still massive misconceptions regarding ingredients and pricing.  Cleo Noir was developed to bring you unique products that prove indulgence and excellence can go hand in hand at affordable prices.