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The "Stop Feeling Guilty" Box

The "Stop Feeling Guilty" Box

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 How can we women stop feeling guilty?

We might as well admit it. Sometimes we even feel bad about having a bad conscience. But guilt is the most useless emotion. Think about it: Happiness, fear or anger are emotions that somehow motivate or lead to a change. But guilt only looks back and leads to self-guilt. Yet we spend so much time feeling guilty.

So is a bad conscience something that is just a part of us, and that we have to learn to live with?

NO WAY! Let's find a way to overcome the guilt!

Let us focus on our individual guilt by acknowledging it, questioning it, and destroying its power and function. Let's ignore those who question how we live our lives just because they do it differently. And let's reject the social roles.

In other words: Let's give a big middle finger to worrying about what others think, and let's ask for non-apologies instead of apologies. #sorrynotsorry

As soon as we do that, we can start living the way we want.

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The products in the box

- de_CURE Micro Biome Repair Mist
- James Read Sleep Mask Tan Retinol
- MCo Beauty Clear Brow Gel
- Nire Beauty 223 Eyeshadow brush
- The Beauty Crop Espresso Yourself Eyeshadow Palette

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