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The "It's Myself O'Clock" Box

The "It's Myself O'Clock" Box

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What is happiness? Perhaps you remember that a few weeks ago we launched a new concept 'Happy Moments' - and if you've been looking at our social media, you might have noticed our big Happy Moments campaign?

But what IS happiness? There is not just one right answer to this, because happiness is as individual as the person who experiences it. And what makes you happy is not necessarily the same as what makes your girlfriend, sister, mother or colleague happy. This is exactly what we want to celebrate: the many different joys we all experience during our lives.

Whether it's getting up early and going for a run, eating ice cream for breakfast, or wearing sexy underwear on a sick Monday... It's all good. Because it doesn't matter what you do to be happy. As long as you just own it!

It's actually that simple: Do what you want - as long as it makes you happy.

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The products in the box

- Able Skin Care Hyaluronic Acid Age Recovery Night Cream
- Gold Professional Hair scalp massager
- Karmameju STAR / MICELLAR WATER 02
- Sandstone Scandinavia Infinite Summer Bronzer 31 - Sunset
- Terre De Mars 019 Reddition Revitalizing Shampoo

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