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Giftcard for a Goodiebox subscription: 3 boxes - save 20%

Giftcard for a Goodiebox subscription: 3 boxes - save 20%

Cena regularna 288,00 zl PLN
Cena regularna 379,00 zl PLN Cena sprzedaży 288,00 zl PLN
-24% OFF Wyprzedane
Z wliczonym podatkiem. Koszt wysyłki obliczony przy realizacji zakupu.

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Get more value for your money. Right now you have a unique opportunity of saving 20%, when you buy a giftcard for 3 Goodieboxes. That mean that you only pay 19,96€ pr. box. If that is reason for either spoiling yourself or someone you love, we don't know what is!.

The lucky receiver of the giftcard for the Goodiebox subscription will get 3 boxes full of surprices, pampering and happy moments. The box will contain 5-7 products, where at least 2 of them will be full size. The collective value of box will be at a minimum of 80 €.

The giftcard can be used by both existing and new members - no matter if you are already a fan or are about to try it for the first time - a giftcard will definitely spread joy.

The giftcard is of course only valid for one submission and for a standard Goodiebox subscription. And it is valid for 3 years. The Goodiebox subscription till continue after the giftcard has been spend, but can be cancelled at any time.

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