Biotherm Homme

Since 1952, Biotherm has been at the forefront of skincare, with a focus on natural ingredients. One of these key ingredients is LIFE PLANKTON™ sourced from the thermal springs of the Pyrenees, known for its revitalizing benefits and used in all of Biotherm's skincare products. With expertise rooted in the life sciences, Biotherm emphasizes products with effective formulas while ensuring they have pleasant textures and fragrances.

Biotherm offers skincare solutions tailored to every skin type, need, and lifestyle. Iconic product lines include Life Plankton™, Aquasource, Blue Therapy, and Lait Corporel.

Each day, the biodiversity of the sea opens up new avenues of research. With 60 years of experience in skin tissue research, Biotherm can now unveil the countless skin benefits derived from marine microorganisms, plankton, and algae.

Our mission is to achieve the most visible skincare improvements with the most natural experience.

Nature is an endless source of well-being, regeneration, and healing for all of us. It is our ambition to protect and preserve the oceans for future generations