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The ‘Non-Apology’ Box

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Karmameju Sun Body Lotion SPF 15
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We have an apology to make. Or rather, a Non-Apology.
The fact is that 83% of women struggle with guilt at least once a day. Either because we put ourselves first for once or because we're not living up to impossible expectations of what a woman should be. We're done with that.

With our 'Non-apology' campaign, we want to tell all you fabulous women that you have nothing to apologise for. Don't feel guilty for not being the perfect friend, the perfect mother, the perfect wife or the perfect colleague. For not spending enough time with your children or spending too much time with your children. It's time to say goodbye to pleasing. It's time to stop apologising and stop blaming yourself for doing just what feels good to you.

Content - Total value of the box: 92,80 €

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