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Crush: The ‘If You Snooze, You Don’t Really Lose’ Box

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Karmameju Sun Body Lotion SPF 15
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Don't feel bad about just sleeping in. We all do it from time to time because it just feels so damn good to lie in bed a little bit longer than planned. Enjoy it to the fullest - without feeling guilty. So when you hear your alarm clock in the morning, just smile, close your eyes again and allow yourself another 5 minutes.

And then? What happens to your morning routine? Don't worry - even if you want to snooze a little longer, we got you! The 'If You Snooze, You Don't Really Lose' Crush Box is packed with multifunctional makeup products that you can quickly apply on the go and no one will suspect that you snoozed more than once.
So have fun snoozing!

Content - Total value of the Box: 66 €

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  • Rose La Lune Paris: PEACHY MOON Nail-polish - Value: 15
  • Benefit: BADgal BANG! Mascara (4g) - Value: 14 €
  • Gosh Copenhagen: CCC Stick- Value: 14,8 €