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The 'Get Naked' Box -1

The 'Get Naked' Box -1

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We've been doing it since 2012. And we're still doing it today. Month by month. Day by day. Box by box. Are we trying to break the norm and challenge the culture that makes women feel guilty about taking ownership over themselves and being who they are.

It's just who we are. It's Goodiebox.

This month we celebrate authenticity and diversity. And the fact that it doesn't matter to us what you look like.

But what matters to us is how you feel. We care about you and whether you are happy. We care about you feeling strong and we celebrate that you are absolutely amazing just the way you are.

Fantastic and beautiful, with all your imperfections, which you are guaranteed to be the only one who notices. The small wrinkles, freckles, stretch marks and thousands of other 'flaws' that we women focus on. We pay tribute to them. Because they are yours, and they make you exactly as perfectly imperfect as you are.

That's it. We celebrate you!

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The products in the box

- Evoluderm: Detox Body Jelly - Pluie De Coco
- Lavish Care: Rescue Me Hair Mask
- Miqura: Boob Mask
- Rabens Saloner: Makeup Bag
- Rønsbøl: Day Cream SPF15
- Tromborg: Facial Ice Roller

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