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The "Applaud Yourself" Box

The "Applaud Yourself" Box

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Here at Goodiebox, we would like to give you all, our members, a standing ovation. You deserve nothing less!

Over the last six months, many of you have taken the "non-apologetic" life to yourselves. You have made brave choices and even more difficult decisions. You have ripped off band-aids that should have been ripped off long ago.
You have left destructive relationships, quit the job you are not passionate about and you have taken the leap towards pursuing your dreams - without apologizing for it. You have said “fuck it” to other people's opinions (and maybe even shouted it out loud).

And now you can see that it is paying off. Are you smiling a little more? Maybe you take a little deeper breaths (the kind where you breathe all the way down to your toes) You become a better and happier version of yourself, you stand a little straighter, relax in your shoulders a little more. Yes, we can see the difference and you are glowing.

So give yourself a round of applause. Give yourself time to spend with the biggest rock star you know - yourself!

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The products in the box

- Gold Professional: Texturizing Spray Wax
- KNDR FULL SIZE: Calm Kind Mist
- Teeez Trendy Cosmetics FULL SIZE: Crave Lipgloss
- TONYMOLY: Scent Of The Day Hand Cream #So Cozy
- JUSTK: Argan Oil Marula Brightening Conditioner

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