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The 'Non-Apology' Box -2

The 'Non-Apology' Box -2

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We have to make an apology. actually... it's a Non-apology.
The fact is that 83% of women struggle with guilt. Guilt for putting yourself first - or for not living up to all the impossible expectations of what and how a woman should be.

We're done with that!

With our new 'Non-apology' campaign, we want to tell all you amazing women that you have nothing to apologize for. Now stop feeling guilty about not being the perfect friend. The perfect wife. The perfect colleague. About not spending enough time with your children, or spending TOO much time with your children.

It's time to say goodbye to the pleaser.

It is time to say "Sorry, not sorry". Time to ditch the guilt about doing what makes you happy.

Team Goodiebox

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The products in the box

- Corps Volatils Encapsulated Sun
- Emité Cosmetics Diamond Heart Base Primer
- Lavish Care Shower Gel - Banana
- Lottie London AM to PM Retractable Eyeliner Espresso
- Nire Beauty 135 Face and Body Kabuki brush

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