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The 'You Do You' Box

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Karmameju Sun Body Lotion SPF 15
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Have you ever thought about why so many of us women struggle with feelings of guilt?

Well, we’ve done some research.Because we thought, if we understand the origin of our guilt feelings, maybe it will be easier for us to avoid them. And one of the theories we found, spoke the most to us. We women haven’t lost the goal of having it ‘all’.

Raising a family, having a successful career, maintaining an enviable fitness regime, keeping up with fashion trends, being the admirable wife or girlfriend, and and and… is often an impossible juggle, leading to guilty feelings, when we fail to pull it all off.
But that ‘all’ that we are trying to achieve, is not defined by ourselves. It is defined by others and societal roles.
So is the solution to stop wanting it all? Not really. We believe it is more about defining your own individual ‘all’ that leads YOU to ultimate happiness, instead of seeking the ‘all’ defined by others.

You do you, and you should never feel sorry about it #sorrynotsorry.
And while this might not kill our guilt feelings from one day to the other, we think it is important to keep this in mind on our journey to less guilt.
So should we give it a try?

Content - Total value of the box: 942kr

  • Manna Kadar Beauty: Lash Primer - Value: 170 kr
  • Sandstone Scandinavia: Intense Care Lipstick - Value: 200 kr
  • Munthe: Nail Polish - Value: 132 kr
  • Jorgobé: AHA Glycolic Peeling Gel - Value: 250 kr
  • Terre De Mars: 019 Reddition Revitalizing Shampoo- Value: 190 kr