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The 'Stop Feeling Guilty' Box

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How can we women stop feeling guilty?

We women are guilty as charged. Sometimes we even feel guilty about feeling guilty. But guilt is the most useless kind of emotion. Think about it: Happiness, fear or anger are all emotions that somehow motivate or drive change. While guilt looks back and all it drives is self-blame. But we still spend so much time feeling guilty.
So is guilt just something that is part of us, and we need to learn to live with it?
HELL, NO! Let’s find a way to overcome guilt!

Let’s address our individual guilty feelings by recognising them, questioning them and destroying their power and function. Let’s ignore those who question our lifestyles simply because they are different from their own. And let’s dismiss societal roles.
In other words: Let’s give a big middle finger to worrying about what others think and let’s make non-apologies instead of apologies #sorrynotsorry
Once we do that, we will start living the way we want to.

Content - Total value of the box: 947kr

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  • James Read: Sleep Mask Tan Retinol (25ml) - Value: 205kr
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