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The 'Go With The Glow' Box

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Karmameju Sun Body Lotion SPF 15
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Sometimes things just don't go according to plan and you know what? Sometimes it's more fun to be spontaneous - freely based on the motto ""Go with the Glow"". You never know what will happen and what happy moments can come from changes in plans.
All you can do is be yourself and go with it. To the Chaos, the flashy 80's outfit and most of all, the partying.
With this box, we want to encourage you to shine from the inside,
let go and, above all, have fun.

Content - Total value of the box: 1220 kr

    • Goodiebox: GB Essentials Face mist - Value: 99 kr
    • Rabens saloner: Scrunchie - Value: 175 kr
    • Furr: Faux Mink Lashes (with glue) - Value: 181 kr
    • LAsplash: Glitter Liner - Value: 155 kr
    • Model Co: Bullet Lipstick - Value: 215 kr
    • deCure: Serum / Primer (10ml) - Value: 395 kr