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The 'Pop The Confetti' Box

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Karmameju Sun Body Lotion SPF 15
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Let's get the confetti in the air and the glasses full of something bubbly, because now we're celebrating us and all the inspiring women behind these innovative beauty brands. This box is the result of the hard work of some of talent humans and contains only products that have been created by a woman! If that's not enough to celebrate, then what is?!
Changing the formula. Changing the beauty industry. Changing standards. The founders of these brands were not happy with the products on the market and felt they could create something better and make a positive difference. By taking matters into their own hands, they created original products that benefit all kinds of women. Products that they themselves would like to use. And products, that you can now enjoy.
So cheers to all the hard workers who are taking charge and stepping up, and keep chasing their dreams. Let this be a reminder that nothing stands in the way of your goals, no matter your age. All it takes is one crazy idea and the courage to make it happen. Enjoy these amazing products, knowing that you'll always be adding a small amount of their founders' willpower, courage and determination into yourself. Doesn't that feel good?

Content - Total value of the box: 754 kr

  • NIRE: The Multitasker Brush 113 - Value: 220 kr
  • Ecooking: Repair Shampoo - Value: 199 kr
  • Respire: Mini Solid Face Cleanser (16g) - Value: 29.50 kr
  • Miqura: Decollete Mask - Value: 80 kr
  • ModelCo: Instant Radiance Concealer - Luminous Beige (Light) - Value: 226 kr