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The ‘You Do You’ Box

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Karmameju Sun Body Lotion SPF 15
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Have you ever wondered why so many women struggle with guilt?
Well, we've done a little research. We thought that maybe if we understood the origins of our feelings of guilt, we could to avoid them more easily. And one theory we found stood out above the rest.

We women haven't lost our 'having it all' attitude.

Take care of the family, maintain a successful career, train like a competitive athlete, follow the latest trends, be the 'perfect' wife or girlfriend and on and on and on... how are you supposed to cope with this? Guilt takes over when we fail to meet all these impossible expectations.

But rarely are we ourselves behind all those demands. Those expectations are imposed on us by other people and societal roles.

So should we just give up now? Not really.
We believe that to reach happiness, we should define for ourselves what we want from our lives, rather than blindly walking down a path dictated by others.

You do you, and you should never feel sorry about that #sorrynotsorry.
And even if all the guilt we carry doesn't dissapear overnight, we think it's important to keep this lesson in mind as we begin this journey towards a freer, guilt-free life.

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