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The 'Myself Zone' Box

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Karmameju Sun Body Lotion SPF 15
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Everything has a contrast, day and night, sweet and sour, nice and naughty. We think it's important to embrace all the sides we women have and do exactly what feels good - or perhaps even a bit naughty. And what better time to do it than with this double-sided box? With this box you can easily choose which side you like best - you can spice things up or tone them down.
Don't feel guilty when you're being totally in your zone with your girlfriends and end up drinking a whole bottle of wine. And also don't feel guilty when you feel like you want to zone out and spend the day in the comfort of your own couch doing absolutely nothing.
I again, it's about embracing both sides and doing what makes you feel in your zone. Enjoy this box!

Content - Total value of the box: 865 kr

  • La Rosee: Regenerating Mask Stick - Value: 175 kr
  • Moshi Moshi Mind: Konjac sponge - Value: 160 kr
  • NIRE: Slanted Tweezers - Value: 170 kr
  • Sandstone: Lipglace Summer Fling - Value: 180 kr
  • Emité: Nail Polish - Value: 180 kr

NOTE: Contains an expired chocolate bar