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The 'From Me To Me' Box

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Karmameju Sun Body Lotion SPF 15
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The question is: How much time have you set aside for yourself lately? Often your own time is at the bottom of the priority list, and many of us even feel guilty about it.
About taking time out for pampering. But as the old adage goes: In order to be able to give to others, sometimes we need to recharge our own batteries.
So try this: Put yourself first for once! Set aside a moment (or more!) of indulgence to sink into this ""From Me to Me""' box. This body and soul-refreshing box is made just for you. Use it to start a new day or even go back to bed and curl up.

Content - Total value of the box: 1382 kr

    • Benefit: Bad Gal Mascara (4g) - Value: 170 kr
    • NIRE: Powder brush - Value: 170 kr
    • Jorgobe: Refreshing Scrub Mask - Value: 228 kr
    • Mudmasky: Aftermask Vitamin Serum - Value: 603kr
    • Simply Essentials: MONOI hair mask (75ml) - Value: 26 kr
    • Rabens saloner: Scrunchie - Value: 185 kr